RELEASE: Small Islands React to US and China Ratifying Paris Agreement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 3, 2016

In response to the world’s two biggest emitters ratifying the Paris Agreement, the Chair of AOSIS, released the following statement:

“The US’s and China’s ratification brings us a step closer to the Paris Agreement entering into force this year and represents a key turning point in the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. We welcome the news and call on all countries to not only to follow suit, but also to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions and make improvements year after year. The current commitments under the Paris Agreement are not sufficient to do what is necessary, but it demonstrates that the entire international community has joined together to tackle our generation’s most pressing challenge. Success depends on nothing less.”

Thoriq Ibrahim, Min. of Environment and Energy for the Maldives and Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States.