NYT Photo Essay Sends Powerful Message About Risks to SIDS

The New York Times has published a powerful photo essay about the impending danger of sea level rise with pictures from  Fiji and Kiribati.

“Globally, sea levels have risen eight to 10 inches since 1880, but several studies show that trend accelerating as Arctic sea ice melts. If carbon emissions continue unchecked, a recent survey of experts concluded, sea levels may rise about three feet by 2100,” it says.

AOSIS has strongly pushed for immediate emissions reductions to help give these and other low-lying states the best chance for survival by avoiding a lock-in of heat-trapping gases in time to avert catastrophic warming.

The plan departs from previous attempts to reach an international agreement on climate change by focusing squarely on the technological and policy solutions already proven to rapidly cut emissions. It benefitted from a robust dialogue at recent climate talks in Bonn and the process will continue at the next session in June.

Earlier in March, record King Tides swamped pasts of the Marshall Islands, sending inhabitants fleeing to higher ground.

The Times’ piece will certainly bring attention to the risks of inaction, hopefully before the worst and even more widespread impacts become unavoidable.