Closing Emissions Gap Is Central To Durban Agreement

The science is clear: without immediate action we risk crossing multiple tipping points and global warming in excess of 3.5 degrees Celsius.
With a temperature rise of less than 1 degree Celsius vulnerable communities are already witnessing severe impacts, including the loss of entire islands in parts of Kiribati and the Maldives. Across our membership, more frequent and intense droughts, heat waves, and floods have become the new normal of life in a warming world.
Today AOSIS presented a proposal to close the gap, what we are calling a Work Plan For Survival. It starts a critical and long overdue conversation about the actions countries must take immediately if we want to avoid a global catastrophe.
We have called for the workplan to culminate at COP18 in Doha with:
  • More ambitious economy-wide emission reduction targets by developed countries, including locking in QELROs for Annex I Kyoto Protocol Parties;
  • More ambitious NAMAs by developing countries;
  • Clarity that the appropriate scope and scale of financial resources, technology transfer and capacity building will be available for developing country NAMAs.
To be successful in Doha, our conversations here must turn immediately to delivering on the commitments we made in Durban. Let’s get started.